Hi, welcome to the KRRDCFS website.  My name is Janice Gagne, and I am the Director of Clinical and Community Services. 

Kenora Rainy-River Districts Child and Family Services is an integrated agency; and in the Rainy River District we provide a variety of clinical and community programs, designed to assist children, youth and families who may be struggling with life’s challenges.

Life is complex. Parents and children can face many challenges, from transitional life issues, such as the death of a grandparent or a beloved pet; to traumatic events, such as a car accident or a home destroyed by fire; to interpersonal problems, such as separation and divorce; to complex traumatic problems such as domestic violence.

Parents and children may face problems such as poverty, racism, loss of employment; genetic or birth related problems such developmental delay, pre-natal exposure to alcohol, genetically informed conditions or; parents may be overwhelmed by the responsibility of successfully raising children in this incredibly fast moving, complex world in which we live, and simply be seeking reassurance that they are doing the right things.

Our dedicated and trained staff strive to help children, youth and families manage the complexities of life and to achieve their full potential as human beings. Please review the program descriptions on the left of your screen, for further information about our clinical and community programs that may assist you or your family in meeting the challenges of life.

All services can be accessed through the Central Access Mechanism [Firefly], located in the KRRDCFS offices in Fort Frances and Atikokan.