Placement Record Sheet

Placement Record Sheet

What is the Family Respite Program?

The KRRCFS Family Respite Program works in partnership with families who have children with developmental disabilities. We coordinate support and short breaks that strengthen families and contribute to children/ youth having meaningful lives in their community.  Many families who have children with disabilities require extra support because of the demands they face as parents/ caregivers. Respite care is a time when someone else cares for their child to give the family a needed break from these demands.  Respite can also be a time for the child with a disability to participate in community activities, make new friends and learn new skills. It is a time when the parents/ caregivers can spend time with their other children, rest, or catch up on errands.  Respite time can be provided in the family home, in the Respite Worker’s home or in the community.  The Family Respite Program strives to offer flexible, accessible and individualized respite services to meets the varying needs of all families requiring support.   

The Family Respite Program can also assist eligible families to access and coordinate other respite services that are available to them in their community. Information about additional respite services in Ontario for children and youth with disabilities can be found through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Who is eligible for the Family Respite Program?

All families in the Rainy River District with children/ youth living in the home who have a Developmental Disability are eligible.  

Who Employs and trains the Family Respite Workers?

KRRCFS employ and pay the Family Respite Workers directly.  KRRCFS provides the workers with respite training and First Aid/ CPR training, as well as offers ongoing training as needed. Families choose the Respite Worker(s) that best match their needs, considering such factors as education, skills, experience, interests and availability. Families then provide their Respite Worker(s) with specific training about their individual child. 

What is the cost for Family Respite?

Families are responsible to reimburse the KRRCFS $2.00/ hour for the respite they receive each month. These fees can be waived for eligible families who are unable to afford this cost. In addition, families can apply for funding to help pay for these fees and for other extraordinary expenses for their child.  More information about this specialized funding can be found at the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

How to receive this service?

Referrals for the Family Respite Program are received through the Central Access Mechanism [FIREFLY], located in the KRRDCFS offices in Fort Frances and Atikokan.

  • In Fort Frances, Rainy River and the surrounding area call 807-274-7787 or toll free at 1-866-646-6616 or drop by the office at 240 First Street East, Fort Frances.

  • In Atikokan and the surrounding area, call 807-597-4528 or drop by the office at 211 Main Street, Atikokan.

  • If you require more information about the Family Respite Program contact the Family Respite Coordinator at 807-274-7787