This past year (2017) over 2000 children and youth in care from 25 Children’s Aid Societies across Ontario received monthly packages from the Bookworm Club of books and other fun stuff.  The Children’s Foundation has been the Bookworm Club’s administrative sponsor helping ship out these 2000 packages a month from a warehouse in Belleville.  The Bookworm Club started with about 75 kids from a few agencies receiving books.  Our agency has been involved with the Bookworm from it’s very first year (2012).  Each year the club has grown and developed.  It now includes Kobo readers for older youth.  

In 2017-18 the Bookworm Club sent 12,300 packages to children across the Province.  That is approximately 60,000 books, 450 KOBO readers, 2,700 KOBO gift cards and 32,000 fun inserts.  Again this year, the club included  $20.00 Chapter’s gift cards. Participants in the book club from ages 3 – 5 and grades 1 – 12 received a gift card in their last package of books.  The little ones ages birth – 2 did not receive a gift card, however they receive some extra surprises.  Each year the club sends the children paper and a self-addressed stamped envelope with a request to them back… letters pour in every year from children expressing their joy of reading.