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Reasons to Foster Teenagers:

They can teach you how to operate the latest technology!
They can learn from you, your guidance, and empathy!
They will keep you up to date with the latest fashion and “lingo”!
They can be very good company, and great conversationalists!
No diapers to change, formula to mix, or baby bottles to wash!
They still need nurturing, encouragement, and your help to calm their fears!
They still love to play and have fun!
It is rewarding to watch their journey into adulthood, and the awesome individuals they become!

To learn more about fostering, please call 1-800-465-1100 and ask to speak to our Intake Screener.

Service Performance Indicators

The agregated SPIs have now been publicly reported.
OACAS has some great information on the data results, and further details are available from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services

Foster Parents needed for Agency Operated Receiving Home

Subsidized accommodations provided
Guaranteed monthly payment, tax free
Location: Dryden
Contact Ruth Eskritt 807-223-5325 or 1-800-465-1100

Additional Information

Children and families reaching their full potential.
We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of every child by providing effective services to children and families.


Positive Attitude
We will focus on strengths, accept differences and see challenges as opportunities.
We value positive connections and open communications to provide opportunities for meaningful change.
We value mutual trust and respect through transparency, honesty and accountability.
We nurture and embrace the uniqueness of all individuals and cultures in our workplace and communities.
We are committed to the continuous pursuit of skills, knowledge and quality service.