Youth Support Program
Youth Support is a free service available to youth who are dealing with independence related issues and would like some help.

The program is designed to develop the life skills and attitudes necessary for the successful transition from residential care to independent living. For instance, building self-confidence as well as understanding and accessing community resources.

Whether the individual is already living on their own, at home, or in some other living arrangement, a little more knowledge can always improve the situation.

By the end of the program individuals should possess their own birth certificate, social insurance card, passport, driver's license, bank account, and several other important and useful items.


Bi-Weekly Planning Groups
These groups focus on areas of particular significance to youth with a view toward independent living.

The program provides training for youth in the areas of life and social skills including (but not limited to) money management, health, nutrition, housing, transportation, education and employment.

Individual Planning Sessions These sessions are available for individuals that would feel more comfortable meeting with a worker on an individual basis to work on certain topics or for those who cannot attend the scheduled groups.

Assessments Assessments are available to assist in determining the skills necessary to live independently. A support plan consisting of goals will be developed for each individual, including tasks that will help them reach their goals.

How To Get Service
Referrals to the Youth Support Program can come from any source. We accept referrals from parents, teachers, the youth themselves, or from any community agency.

The program is available within the Kenora-Rainy River Districts. If you would like to know more about this program, or know someone who could benefit from it, feel free to contact us.

All you have to do is call or drop in to one of our offices and ask to speak to the Youth Support Workers, it is that simple!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a Youth in Care
  • Be between 12 and 18 years of age.
  • The Extended Care and Maintenance Program is available for youth aged 18 - 21.