K-RR CWECT Information Sheets

The current Kenora Rainy-River Crown Ward Educational Team (K-RR CWECT) members are:

Christine Neilson– Kenora Rainy River Child & Family Services (KRRCFS) christine.neilson@krrcfs.ca
Betty-Anne Johnson - Kenora Rainy River Child & Family Services (KRRCFS) 807-274-7787
Vince Kastrukoff - Kenora Rainy River Child & Family Services (KRRCFS)  807- 274-7787
Bill Kuzemchuk – Tikinagan Child & Family Services (TCFS) www.tikinagan.org 807-737-3466
Richard Hodgkinson – Keewatin Patricia Child & Family Services (KPDSB) www.kpdsb.on.ca

The K-RR CWECT Team overall purpose is to develop and initiate strategies to support youth with Crown Wardship status to increase their awareness of, participation in and success at all levels of the educational pathway, including postsecondary education, training and employment.

The K-RR CWECT Team welcome new members on the team.  If you or your organization have a common interest with the above CWECT Team purpose, contact any of the above members to request a meeting.  The K-RR CWECT team meets monthly. 

Christine Neilson is the K-RR CWECT Team Lead Assistant.  Christine's experience within the children’s aid society provides her with a unique role on the team.  Christine welcomes any current or former CWs to contact her to chat about their post-secondary plans.  Jessica is available to provide presentations to groups about the CWECT team’s goals and support options.  The K-RR CWECT Team is looking for other current or former CWs to sit on our Youth Advisory Board or become a mentor to other CWs. 

Christine can be contacted at Christine.Neilson@krrcfs.ca

LIVING AND LEARNING GRANT (LLG) and Tuition Aid for Youth Leaving Care Program

Effective August 01, 2013 eligible youth between the ages of 21 to 24 inclusive are eligible to receive $500.00 a month, during the school year.

To be eligible to receive the LLG, a student:

  • Must be a previous recipient of, or would have been eligible to receive, CCSY (formerly ECM);
  • Must be aged 21 to 24 inclusive;
  • Must be enrolled in a post-secondary program leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate at an institution in Canada approved for Ontario student loan purposes;
  • May be enrolled in a first-entry or second entry program;
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, protected person, or permanent resident;
  • Must be a resident of Ontario as required for full-time student eligibility for assistance under OSAP;
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student taking at least 60% of a full course load, or at least 40% of a full course load if the student has a permanent disability;
  • Must be satisfactorily completing the academic requirements of their program of study; and
  • Must not be restricted from receiving OSAP loan or grant funding.  For example, a student may be restricted if the student has filed for bankruptcy, or has committed fraud or has been convicted of an offence under the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Act.

The LLG will have no impact on the amount of OSAP loans and other grants that a youth may be eligible to receive. The LLG will be issued to qualifying students in addition to their OSAP loans and other grants.  The LLG will not be considered a resource in the OSAP need assessment.

The LLG is exempt from OW and ODSP income assessments, which means that students who are on OW or ODSP, and who receive the LLG will not see a change in the level of support provided to them through OW or ODSP.

Tuition Aid for Youth Leaving Care Program:

In 2013-14, MTCU intends to provide the grant as a lump sum of up to $2,000 for each term of study, through the fall, winter, and/or spring OSAP disbursement, to a maximum of $6,000 for the school year, based on the youth’s enrolment in an OSAP eligible program and the number of terms in the student’s study period (e.g., students enrolled in a two term study period would receive up to $4,000).

Students attending an institution that is not participating in the 100% Tuition Aid program may still be eligible to receive the Ontario Access Grant (OAG) for Crown Wards and/or the 30% off Ontario Tuition grant.

Unlike the LLG, which is available to youth ages 21 to 24 (inclusive), there is no age requirement associated with this tuition funding.  To access full tuition coverage, youth must apply for OSAP for full-time Students and be eligible to receive the OAG for Crown Wards, and must be enrolled at a participating college or university.