Family Respite Program
Family Respite is a voluntary program that provides families a needed respite period from the responsibility of the daily care of an individual with a developmental disability.

The Family Respite Program can also assist eligible families to access and coordinate other respite services that are available to them. Information about additional respite services in Ontario for children and youth with disabilities can be found through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Who is Eligible?
All families of children and youth living at home and not in foster care up to the age of 18 with a developmental disability are eligible.

Who Provides the Respite?
Qualified Family Respite Workers are screened and trained by KRRDCFS. Each worker completes a First Aid / CPR course and respite worker training. The family then chooses their worker(s) and trains them to meet the specific needs of their family member. Families are required to reimburse the agency a small portion of the hourly rate paid to the workers. Eligible families can apply for funding to help pay for this fee. More information about this specialized funding can be found at the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

How to Get Service
Referrals for the Family Respite Program are received through the Central Access Mechanism [FIREFLY], located in the KRRDCFS offices in Fort Frances and Atikokan.

  • In Fort Frances, Rainy River and the surrounding area call 807-274-7787 or toll free at 1-866-646-6616 or drop by the office at 240 First Street East, Fort Frances.
  • In Atikokan and the surrounding area, call 807-597-4528 or drop by the office at 211 Main Street, Atikokan.