What is a Family Centred Conference?
It is a way for the family and others involved with the child(ren) to make decisions and plan for the children and will:      

  • Protect the child(ren) from harm,
  • Serve the best interests of the child(ren) and ensure optimal development,
  • Respect the wishes, needs, and roles of the family,
  • Respect the child(ren)’s culture and community by identifying resources and supports. 

Why have a Family Centred Conference?

  • To develop a plan to help the children by using a larger family unit,
  • It is an affective way of discussing the safety of everyone in the family,
  • The family knows the children and other family members best,
  • To look at the resources both within the family and outside and how these can best be used to everyone’s benefit,
  • The family will hear what professionals have to say,
  • To hear the concerns of other family members.

Who is invited?
Family members which can include parents/ caregivers/legal guardians, your brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, grand parents, friends, and anyone who feels like family to the children.
Service providers which can include counsellors, teachers, doctors, and others who provide services to the child and family.

Family Centred Conferencing bases its practice on Family Group Conferencing and maintains a position on the Family Group Conferencing Coordinator Roster through the  George Hull Centre for Children and Families.

For Child Protection Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Kenora – Rainy River District which include Family Group Conferencing and Family Medication contact Thunder Bay Counselling Centre.